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Round The Atlantic in A Barrel- Journey of A 71 Year Old

Round The Atlantic in A Barrel- Journey of A 71 Year Old

Most individuals spend the day after Christmas stress-free with their families. However, one man started a journey throughout the Atlantic in a barrel.  Navigator Jean-Jacques Savin, of France, is presently floating someplace within the Atlantic Ocean in nothing more significant than a bright orange barrel. He hopes to achieve the Caribbean in three months, by the tip of March, propelled solely by ocean currents. “The aim? Possibly to show that I’ve nonetheless obtained it.” Savin advised the AFP information company.

He hopes the currents will transport the barrel from his start line within the Canary Islands, off the coast of West Africa, to someplace within the Caribbean. He would not know precisely the place he’ll find yourself. However, he is hoping for a French island similar to Martinique or Guadalupe.  “That might be simpler for the paperwork and for bringing the barrel again,” he mentioned.

Savin is not any stranger to journey. He is a former army parachutist who has additionally laboured as a park ranger and a pilot. In line with his website, he has already crossed the Atlantic four occasions by sailboat. This time, he envisioned “a crossing the place the person wouldn’t be captain of his boat, the however passenger of the Ocean.”

He worked on the vessel for months earlier than starting his trek. Inside is six sq. Meters — about 65 sq. Ft — of living space. The barrel weighs 990 kilos when empty and features a sleeping bunk, kitchen, and storage space. Either side accommodates a porthole, together with one on the ground to permit Savin to have a look at passing fish.

Although Savin is touring solo, the entire world can comply with alongside on the journey. He is monitoring his progress online and posting everyday updates and GPS coordinates on his Fb web page.

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