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Another Supermoon Night Is Coming Up

Another Supermoon Night Is Coming Up

Virtually a month after January’s supermoon lunar eclipse, one other supermoon is about to look. On the morning of Feb. 19, the moon will likely be at perigee, which means its closest orbit to Earth, in keeping with NASA. The moon shall be at perigee at 4:04 a.m. and can turn out to be a full moon at 10:54 a.m. This month’s supermoon would be the most magnificent full moon of the year. Sometimes 238,855 miles from Earth, the moon will probably be about 221,680 miles from Earth on Feb. 19, House.com reported.

In response to the positioning, supermoons don’t happen each month as a result of altering the orientation of the moon’s orbit as Earth rotates across the solar. However, this year, three supermoons are set to look three months in a row. On Jan. 21, the large blood wolf moon appeared and, after February, the subsequent 2019 supermoon is about for March 21. The March supermoon would be the farthest from Earth in comparison with the opposite two at about 224,170 miles, EarthSky reported.

Seven months after the February supermoon, the lunar apogee will happen, which means the farthest full moon from Earth, EarthSky reported. This implies the diameter of the February moon will likely be about 14 % bigger than the September moon and can exceed it in brightness by about 30 %. Based on the positioning, the next perigee will happen in April 2020. As a result of the moon’s phases, it takes about 413 days for it to orbit near Earth. Similar to this year, 2020 may have three supermoons in a row — March, April, and May.

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