DPH Stated That Only Three Have Died Due to EEE Instead of Four

DPH Stated That Only Three Have Died Due to EEE Instead of Four

State health officials have corrected Thursday confirming that three people have died from EEE in Massachusetts instead of four.

Based on the Department of Public Health, the hospital filed an incorrect report for fourth loss of life, and the official death count stays at three as of at present.

DPH officials have confirmed that a Hampden County woman in her 70s has been infected with the virus, making it the 12th human case of EEE in Massachusetts. The lady has been hospitalized.

Because of this, communities together with Agawam, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Southwick, Springfield, West Springfield, and Westfield are now at high risk.

There are at present 35 communities now at critical risk, 53 at high risk, and 121 at average danger for the EEE virus in Massachusetts.

Along with the 12 human cases of EEE disease this season in Massachusetts, there also have been eight confirmed cases of EEE disease this year in seven horses and a goat.

State health officials remain to remind residents to take personal precautions to stop mosquito bites. Residents can learn more about EEE and methods to protect themselves on DPH’s website.

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