Cryodrakon Boreas Was One of the Largest Flying Animals

Cryodrakon Boreas Was One of the Largest Flying Animals

Cryodrakon boreas, of the Azhdarchid group of pterosaurs (usually incorrectly known as ‘pterodactyls’), Cryodrakon boreas was a flying dinosaur with a wingspan of as much as 10 meters which lived through the Cretaceous period around 77 million years ago.

Its stays were found 30 years ago in Alberta, Canada; however, paleontologists had assumed they belonged to an already recognized species of pterosaur found in Texas, USA, named Quetzalcoatlus.

The research, published within the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, reveals it’s a new species and the first pterosaur to be found in Canada.

Dr. David Hone of Queen Mary University of London mentioned: “This can be a cool discovery, we knew this animal was here however now we will show it’s different to other azhdarchids and so it will get a name.”

Though the stays consisting of a skeleton that has part of the wings, legs, neck and a rib had been assigned initially to Quetzalcoatlus, research of this and additional material uncovered through the years reveals it’s a different species in light of the developing understanding of azhdarchid species.

The skeleton is from a young animal with a wingspan of about 5 meters; however, one giant neck bone from another specimen suggests an adult animal would have a wingspan of around 10 meters.

This makes Cryodrakon boreas comparable in measurement to other giant azhdarchids including the Texan Quetzalcoatlus which might reach 10.5 m in wingspan and weighed around 250 kg. Like other azhdarchids, these animals were carnivorous and predominantly predated on small animals which might probably include lizards, mammals, and even baby dinosaurs.

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