Michigan Artist Died in 9 days Because of EEE Virus

Michigan Artist Died in 9 days Because of EEE Virus

A Michigan artist died after he contracted the rare Eastern equine encephalitis virus EEE from a mosquito bite.

Gregg McChesney, 64, of Kalamazoo County, passed away on August 19 following a nine-day illness after turning into an infection, based on News Channel.

He is the third person this same year who died in southwest Michigan from the mosquito-borne sickness, the network said.

His brother, Mark McChesney, informed that Gregg was a perfectly healthy, happy person and within a matter of 9 days, he went from perfectly healthy to brain dead.

Unexpectedly he had a seizure and next thing recognize, he is in the ER, and he just did not come out of it.

Mark said his brother being an outdoorsman with a passion for photography.

He was a great man. He beloved life, Mark informed News channel. He never thinks his brother would have any regrets. He doesn’t suppose so as a result of he found himself.

EEE can infect people of any ages and trigger fevers, headaches, lethargy or brain infections and death.

Michigan this year is experiencing their worst outbreak of the virus since 2002, with seven confirmed cases, the report mentioned.

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